xmlroff and GNOME

Most of the libraries that xmlroff requires will already be available on systems with GNOME 2.4 or later installed.

Required and Optional Libraries

The libraries that you need when building xmlroff are shown in the folowing table. The version numbers shown for the libraries are versions that are known to work. In most cases, you can use a version close to the version number shown.

If one of the libraries did not come with your OS distribution, you can download the source from the source shown or you may be able to get a precompiled binary from (for Linux) or (for Solaris). The libraries' package RPM names are shown for your convenience.

PangoXSL or laterpangoxsl, pangoxsl-develBundled with xmlroff since xmlroff 0.3.98
Pango or laterpango, pango-devel
FreeType2 or laterfreetype2, freetype2-devel
Fontconfig or laterfontconfig
GLib or laterglib2, glib2-devel
libxml2 or laterlibxml2, libxml2-devel
libxslt or laterlibxslt, libxslt-devel
GNOME Print or laterlibgnomeprint, libgnomeprint-devel
Cairo or laterOptional
poptpopt, popt-devel

Building xmlroff

Build and install the libraries listed above.

You can install xmlroff using make install or you can run xmlroff in the directory in which it was built.

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